Best of what you have is family. There are home named family.

When you get tired, or have any problems, remember you have family.

Whatever the circumtances, family is a home. Hope all of us have happy family. A place when you go home.

No worries to get down, family always give you power, to make us strong.

So, when you get tired, there are a home named family …

Trust me …



Life without hope is very darke. You can life almost one month without food, three days without water, eighty second without air, but not even at a glance without hope.

Keep manufacturing your hope …



I don’t know why radio is always like friend for me. When I was child, I won a ramadhan quiz at a radio. My father is always turn on radio to wait adzan for praying. Our family Radio is Baiturrahman FM. My sister favourite radio is Flamboyan. They call their audience as “Gaminong” that mean “boy and girls” in English. Gaminong is from Acehnese words.

When I still child,may be 3 years or 4 years old, we have a radio tape and this radio was broke a few year after. Then my father buy a radio tape for my sister and for us too. From Falmboyan Radio you can hear many pop song which is liked by young people. Baiturrahman usually play qasidah and dangdut song. They also broadcast a religion speaking from Masjid Baiturrahman.

Radio is have many memorable things to memorize. Even now we have music player on computer, or Ipad, or MP3. On radio you can get a community. I memorize a broadcasting from Meugah FM that is very fun and full of joke. The programme was bring by “Apa Him”. Him is mean “riddle” or teka-teki in bahasa. This programme full of acehnese and that is really making you laugh. In other radio, Radio Republik Indonesia, I memorize Kak Cut Zahrita. She is hold a programme named “Pantun Ceria”.

Beside enjoy song, talkshow, or another creative programme, radio is still best entertainment you can find. From old people to young people can enjoy this entertainment. 🙂

What knd of radio broadcasting do you like ?


Time is like a sword. Many people syas that. In Arabic, time is like a sword, it maybe will cut you if you not be wise to use it. Every people need time, No matter if he or she is busy or unemployment, we as human always need time. we as human always give time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

who always pending their task or work named as procastrinator and the verb is procastrinate. Do you know what the best advice for a procastrinate? that is say: you can pending your intention to procastinating for next time, not now. just do it what you was plan and you avoid procastrinating from your day.

Just do it. Let’s go! 🙂


How many books do you have and how much many have been you read?

I have maybe 50, 60, 70? I have not counted it yet. It includes my literrature books while I study at university and a module for english course. I have a dream to make a reading park once upon a time. I think I will named it Beumeutuah.

Sometimes what I need is how make children to be like to reading. There are many online games make them so far from reading culture. With internet maybe they prefer reading from internet than from a book.

But when I look so many interesting them to go to many book events like book festival, I think the hesitate is nothing.

Okay, I stopping for thinking to others. How about me, myself? Am I too loving book. Is my 50, 60, or 70 books is always need my attention too much? Or I let them sit down and sleep at my wardrobe?

Okay, just 2 days from now, we have an book festival event from a biggest publishing company in Indonesia. The event have held in Banda Aceh until May 8th, 2014. I hope I can join because I always waiting for the event like this,

How about you? Are you have held on many book festival events? Can you share your experience with us. How you take part for the event? How meaningful the festival book event to yourself. to your self development or skill development?


How to Win Friends and influence people. I see the book while I type this note. You know, this book is very amazing. This book teach you many softskill that maybe not you find in formal school, but it makes you become very valuable person. You know, every human is need to be appreciated, even the human is a criminal. So why many good people must judge others?

In this book you can find many softskill to respect other. Don’t make them at bad position in your communication. Maybe you can force some decision to your employer but you can’t get their respect and the good attitude that they show to you is not for a long time. If you can attract people to follow your advice or decision by good persuate you can win their heart to make them obey with the consensus.

In addition, in this book you can also find the main of become good public speaker. The best way to become a good speaker is open your mind, open your heart, look for their attention adn hear what their interest. It is more than enough if you give your heart to your audience and it is more effective than you prepare a chapter of text of oration for an oration show. Win their heart by give yourself to hear them, and you will get success on your speaking.

So, if you have a friend and he or she makes mistakes, must you judge them and let him or her on wrong position? Why you don’t give them a chance to friendship? There are many ways to get one enemy but just one ways to make friendship; just be a good friends.